Rodney is a big fan of Kat’s positive training.  While she’s still quick to warn us of anyone she thinks might be an intruder, she has much better manners, and can hardly wait to go back to try Agility II.  She loved Agility I, and Kat somehow made it work for her 8” height and for the greyhounds too!
-Rose Marie Robertson

I'm a proud owner of two crazy little dogs. I knew I needed to get them some training, but had no idea where to start. I was sure that I didn't want anything too militant because I still wanted them to be themselves, but I knew we needed more structure around the house so that we could better enjoy each other. Kat has really helped teach them self control and it's equally as enjoyable for me to watch them think: "What does Mommy want me to do?" rather than just running around in circles or being scared that I will punish them for doing something wrong (like some other training methods). We have nothing but great things to say about Kat and how she taught us to be better companions for each other. Thanks, Kat!!!
-Tyne Whitten

Shortly after we got Pepito in early December of 2006, we called Kat to find out when we could sign him up because we knew that a border collie was going to need some structure for his smarts.  The five weeks we spent in class taught us so much about the proper fundamentals for working with him in a positive, constructive way that produces tangible results.  He’s happier for having come to the class – and so are we!
-John Brassil

Last year we adopted an American Pit Bull Terrier.  We knew that owning this breed required a commitment to being diligent dog parents.  Enter Kat Martin... Our dog, Mr. Pants, began group classes with Kat when he was 5 months old.  Her knowledge, support, and positive training style has been a Godsend.  We can't imagine "raising" our Pit without her.  He loves classes and in addition to having good manners, learning cool tricks and displaying his athleticism in agility classes, he is becoming a shining example of a well behaved and friendly pup.  We highly recommend Kat as a trainer of challenging breeds and are honored to have her in our support system.
-Cindy and Jay Ligon

I did a lot of research to find a trainer for me and Max, my GSD. Being that she is a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers and an AKC Certified Canine Good Citizen evaluator was very important to me. The training goal for Max is to have him well socialized and obedience trained so we can complete his CGC as well as the Delta Society test at Therapy ARC to be a Therapy Dog. We had our interview with Therapy ARC this past week and Max’s score was Excellent. Did I mention that Max is just shy of being 5 months old? Needless to say Max and I are so pleased that Kat is our Personal Trainer. She doesn’t just show you the command and move on after you try it, she makes sure you AND your dog truly get it, then she will move on. She has mastered Barkology! Her prices are great and well, you just can’t put a price on a well-mannered dog. We love her!
-Lee Hawkins Greer & Camelot’s Sir Maxalot “Max”

Kat is great with dogs and with people!  Her unique understanding of human and canine behaviors and calm, confident teaching manner have had a tremendous impact on the way we understand and communicate with our "canine kids".  Our dogs have gained obedience and socialization skills and we have learned how to help bring out the best in them!  We have enjoyed various group classes with Kat, including earning the Canine Good Citizen certification with our dog-reactive Golden/Chow mix and completing the Agility course with our older Mastiff who used to get skittish walking through a doorway!  Kat has also come to our home - and even accompanied us to our neighbors' homes - to work on specific training issues and behaviors when we were having trouble.  We can't say enough good things about how we've benefited from working with Kat.  Her patience, enthusiasm and encouragement have helped our dogs and us learn how to do things together that we never thought were possible.  And it's lots of fun, too!
-Lisa and Aaron Kirchner (Luke and Emily)

Kat's No Jumping class is amazing. I am the proud parent of two wonderful, yet very hyper, lab mixes. My boyfriend and I adopted them in April. They are awesome pups but for a long time we couldn't be around them with nice clothes on! They would get so excited to see us that they would jump and scratch, each one trying to get more attention than the other. After trying different techniques for weeks, none of which worked, we attended one of Kat's no jumping sessions and the results were unbelievable. It was fascinating to see how quickly the dogs learned when the correct teaching techniques were applied. What was even better was to see the dogs actually correct themselves! We no longer have to worry about being scratched or having our clothes ruined. Now our puppies calmly greet us with a sit.
-Rachel Kemp

When we got our rescue dog, the first thing we did was to call Kat and schedule some private lessons.  This got us off on the right foot ( paw) and we progressed from there.  We have continued to follow the training principles we learned from Kat and have had no problems at all.
-Mary and Bob McGrath

Thanks to Kat, you can teach an old dog new tricks. Our nine year old rescue whippet, Dudley, goes absolutely crazy whenever he sees other dogs. He seemed miserable and we were miserable. Then we found Kat. She came to our home, assessed the situation and immediately went about making things better for everyone. Kat is professional and personable. Training sessions are positive, gentle and loving. Never once have I seen her discouraged or frustrated. I look forward to every training session. Kat has that “can do” attitude that seems to make a dog want to succeed. Kat Martin is a person who truly loves what she does and clearly the dogs (and owners) love her. Your relationship with your dog is for a lifetime and deserves to be the best it can be. I can think of no better person to entrust the development of that relationship to than Kat.
-Elliott McNeil

We would like to say thank you so much. Tony caught on so quickly and so did I and I am so impressed. He is such a joy and... really well behaved.
-Janice Smith and Tony (German Shepherd Dog)

Taking Kat's training classes was the best thing I ever did for my dog Grace. Kat was terrific; she was calm, positive and energetic and my dog responded immediately. Grace was a wild puppy with lots of energy, but Kat really helped me understand how to communicate and work with my puppy so that she understood what good doggie behavior was. Kat's puppy manners class really helped to socialize Grace, and the Canine Good Citizens class was wonderful for her basic dog manners. I'm still using the techniques that Kat taught me to teach my puppy new tricks and reinforce the behaviors she learned in class. The classes were as much about training me as it was about training Grace! The tools that Kat taught me made it much easier for me to understand my dog, and for my dog to understand me. Anybody with a doggie companion should work with Kat. My relationship with my dog is much stronger for having taken Kat's classes, and I know that I'll continue to see the benefits of Kat's training for years to come.
-Cathy Chang

I’m not sure who liked going to Kat’s more - me or Roger, our 7 month old Goldendoodle. Thankfully, Roger’s previous owners never met Kat or they would’ve discovered what a wonderful dog they were giving away!  Our dog was given up because he had “too much energy” and “didn’t like to please.”  Kat helped us discover just the opposite.  With patience and appropriate expectations he had easily directable energy and wanted to do nothing but please.  Kat is always so positive and can take any dog/owner problem and find an easy solution.  We started out in her puppy class and were so impressed with the results that we went on and took her Canine Good Citizen Class.  Roger is now a certified Good Citizen and on his way to becoming a therapy dog.  Through Kat we learned to understand and enjoy our new puppy!
-Sarah Creighton Greene

My favorite thing about the training experience with Kat was the fact that we were actually the ones that were trained! Kat walked in and immediately had more control over our crazy puppy than we ever did and he always loved the visit. I found it challenging to make sure I was giving the right cues and then excited when Scout learned and did as I asked. We still refer to Kat's training techniques and have taught him more tricks using the fundamentals she taught. I liked the fact that she came to our house. Having that option worked great for us as I couldn't imagine trying to train Scout around a lot of other dogs. He has a hard time paying attention at the dog park - too many distractions and smells!
-Rachael Turner

Working with Kat has been a wonderful experience for both of my dogs. It has given them greater confidence not only in themselves, but also in me. Working with each dog separately allows you to truly bond with your animal, whether he is your first dog ever, or one of many. Kat's insistence on praise and her calm, gentle approach to training really allows each dog to work to his or her own style and potential. Astro, my first hound, was a nervous wreck when I first adopted him and now he has his Canine Good Citizen and can do parlor tricks. Rosie, my second hound, while still in the beginner's class, is learning to get along with other dogs in an environment that promotes calm interaction and fun. I would recommend Kat to anyone who wishes to see their dogs happy and healthy, both mentally and physically. She does a wonderful job.
-Jenn Krause

I adopted Jackson just over two years ago. He was a shelter rescue who had obviously suffered abuse. He has always been so sweet, but a challenge to train because of his skittishness. Kat's training taught me just as much about being a better dog owner as it taught Jackson about being able to take commands. She gave me the tools I needed to work with Jackson while maintaining his trust, and Kat’s spirit and classes helped with his confidence enormously. I would highly recommend her training for anyone with a doggie companion. The lessons will not only help you train your dog, but teach you how to better understand your dog and get more out of your relationship with your companion long after the class is over.
-Amy Peterson

Kat’s training classes are the best thing you can do for yourself and your pet. I have taken all three of my greys to her class. Kat makes it simple to learn, the dogs get more socialization and just the basic things that will improve the overall behavior of your pet and are amazing. She works with a group but provides individual attention to any dog that needs it. Your dog will get a lot out of it but you will learn to communicate with your dog also which makes it a win-win situation. I benefited as much from the class as my hounds did!
-Beth Sandlin

I wouldn’t say Greyhounds are more difficult to train than other breeds, but they do take a little different approach in training. Kat jumped right in with both feet when approached about offering classes to our Greyhound adopters. This then led to her work with our adoption group’s (Greys Matter’s) cell-dog type program at the CCA/Metro-Davidson County Detention Facility, where she conducts 6 week training classes with each set of new entries into the program and their inmate handlers. Kat’s work with the prison dogs and their handlers has been tremendously successful, with every dog coming away from the program well mannered and much more adoptable. This is no small accomplishment, as the hounds that go into the program go in because they need the work to make them better companions. Personally, I’ve taken four of my own Greyhounds through classes with Kat, including one who received his CGC. These four hounds couldn’t have been more different in training needs, capabilities and attitude, including a 15-month old puppy and a very introverted male. Kat always took into account the dog's own personalities and needs during training, never applying a “one size fits all” approach to her techniques. She also provided wonderful support, when with one hound I was ready to throw in the towel and just say he wasn’t trainable. Today, that hound is one of my best trained dogs and actually enjoys such work. Thank you Kat for your love of and dedication to what you do!!
-Sharron Lane

Put simply, Kat is incredible. We wouldn't have the sweet Casey dog we have (and our sanity) if it were not for Kat. For starters, she helped us puppy-proof our house and gave us a thousand ways to socialize our new puppy. Casey is so well adjusted because Kat took the time to impress upon us the importance of early socialization and correct reinforcement of behaviors. We learned practical stuff like how to give our dog a treat, she gave us a ‘gentle leader’ to aide in taking manageable walks and what to do when a stranger comes to the door (even if they are in a Halloween costume!) Kat has a deep understanding of dog psychology and she is able to transform complex ideas into understandable and observable behaviors. Thanks to Kat, we are aware of our dog's stress and excitement and we are able to take proactive steps to shape Casey’s behavior. Kat helped us to train our dog (and train us) the basic commands with clear & concise language. Kat not only trained us at her house on a regular basis, but also met us at the dog park, corresponded over e-mail and returned our phone calls to help with ongoing doggie issues. We are forever indebted to Kat for teaching us how to love our dog more fully. We strongly recommend Kat for your dog training needs!
-Davilyn & Chris Hayes