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Therapy Dog Prep Class - $140

  • Meets one hour/week for 5 weeks.

  • Are you interested in finding out if you have the right stuff to participate with your dog in animal assisted interventions?

  • If you have achieved a level of proficiency in obedience and socialization with your pet dog and are interested in discovering if you and your pup would be good candidates for providing animal assisted therapy services with a local organization, then this class is for you!

  • Each session will build on the last beginning with learning what it takes to succeed, skills review and assessment, temperament acceptability, medical equipment and a mock evaluation.

  • In-depth information regarding legal guidelines and rules and regulations regarding therapy dogs will be included in class. (Note: Therapy dogs are NOT the same as service dogs or Emotional Support Animals.) Upon completion of this course, you will be prepared to become a team member with the organization of your choice and participate in their particular evaluation in order to provide therapy animal interventions.

  • Prerequisites: CGC certification or equivalent advanced manners training per instructor’s approval. Your pet must be under control, predictable, non-reactive, reliable and neutral in all situations in order to successfully complete this advanced level class.

  • Location: First four classes will be held at our facility and final class will be held at a remote location to be determined.

  • Instructor: Heddie Leger has worked in the area of Canines with Careers for over three decades. She is an instructor and evaluator for a major national Therapy Animal Organization, and has served with several private and local organizations providing therapy animal interventions with her dogs, a cat, horse and guinea pig. Her background includes raising, training, and placement of both therapy and service dogs. She is an author of a book named Hero to the Rescue, The Memoir of an Unlikely Hero - a story about one of her therapy dogs that contracted cancer. It is Heddie's goal to help you succeed regardless of your personal goals with your dog.

Focus & Recall (Come When Called) Class - $85 / 3 weeks

  • Meets one hour/week for 3 weeks.

  • For dogs 5 months or older. Dogs must be current on all vaccinations (titers accepted).

  • Dogs taking this class need to have a working knowledge of basic manners like sit and down and be non-reactive.

Have you ever wished your dog would actually come when you called her? Does your pup have “selective” attention? Maybe your dog has a hard giving you his attention when you say his name in a distracting environment or situation. Focus and Recall are critically important behaviors your dog needs to not only understand but also respond to quickly. A reliable recall can be lifesaving! In this class we will give you the tools you need to build fabulous focus and achieve a rapid recall from your canine companion.

Beginning Agility / Confidence Building  - $205 / 8 weeks

  • This class is geared toward having fun with your pooch! We will work on learning some of the basic agility obstacles as well as having other fun, new experiences. A great class for shy dogs, dogs with lots of energy, and every dog in-between!

  • Meets 1-hour a week for 8 weeks.

  • Please contact us for more information.

Agility - Beyond the Basics  - $30 - Drop In

  • Meets 1 hour/week on a Drop In basis.

  • Prerequisites: Completion of Beginning Agility I (or per instructor's approval). Dogs must also be able to work off lead and have basic manners skills (sit, down, stay, focus on handler, etc).

  • This class takes your dog's new-found agility skills to the next level! In this class, dogs will begin working on full-height equipment and weave poles will be introduced. Additionally, they will learn to negotiate obstacles independently with speed and confidence using targeting techniques. You will also begin to learn new handling skills (such as crosses, lead outs, and sends) and begin distance work with your dogs in the agility ring.

Canine Cognition Class - $135 / 4 weeks

  • Meets one hour/week for 4 weeks.

  • For dogs 5 months or older. Dogs must be current on all vaccinations (titers accepted).

  • Ever wondered if your dog is smarter than a 5th grader? In this class we will explore our dogs’ amazing cognitive abilities through games, problem solving, mimicry, and more.

  • Have fun teaching your pup colors, numbers, shapes, yes/no, and other useful things that will enrich your dog’s life as well as greatly improve communication between you.

No Jumping Class  - $35 per dog

  • Is your dog a jumper? Is the "jumping up" really bad at your door? Well, you CAN keep a good dog down! This one hour, one session only class is limited to six dogs. Each dog will work intensively with the instructor(s) as well as other dog’s person while learning that keeping "four on the floor" is what makes the good stuff happen and jumping up makes the good stuff go away. Especially at the door! We've seen great results with this type of intensive class for dogs that jump!

Leash Manners  - $35 per dog

  • Does your dog drag you down the street? Wouldn't it be nice to have your dog walk with you instead? Join us for this one hour, one time only class to help you and your dog learn that walking on a loose leash is not only achievable - but way more fun!

Supervised Puppy Play Sessions  - $10 (non-client), $5 (current or former client), FREE (while enrolled in puppy class or in private puppy lessons package)

  • The Puppy Play Sessions have been such a success that we now have them every week!

  • These sessions are for people who want tired puppies! Of course, there is the huge added benefit of socialization but most people will agree that the best thing about the play sessions is that their puppies are asleep and not getting into trouble for many blissful hours afterwards! The Puppy Manners and Positive Play Classes have more emphasis on dog training and socialization with humans; these sessions have more play and socialization with dogs. This is a great alternative to the dog park, which is fun for many well-socialized adult dogs, but can cause a lot of trouble in young puppies and under-socialized dogs (both medically and behaviorally).

  • For puppies of any size under 5 months, older puppies who have taken Puppy Manners & Positive Play, or per instructor's approval.

  • Each play date lasts an hour and is limited to ten puppies.

  • Please contact us for more information.

Relaxed Rovers  - $215

  • In this class we work on helping dogs learn to be calm and focused on their people in distracting environments. This class is for dogs who have a hard time being calm, whether due to excitement, reactivity with other dogs or people (especially when on leash), anxiety, or just plain lack of focus. This class is also very beneficial for dogs who compete in sports like agility.

  • Meets one hour per week for 5 weeks.

  • Please contact us for more information.

Puppy Manners & Positive Play  - $135 (includes free attendance to our Supervised Puppy Play Sessions while enrolled in the class)

  • For dogs under 5 months of age. Pups must be up-to-date on all vaccinations (titers accepted).

  • 4 sessions meeting once-a-week for one hour.

  • It is extremely important to socialize young puppies. Studies have shown that puppies have a critical period until around four months of age in which they need to be exposed to as many new people and novel situations as possible. Beginning at a young age with positive training and happy experiences will benefit both you and your dog for his or her entire lifetime.

  • What we discuss/work on: Socialization, Housetraining, Grooming, Chewing, Nipping, Start on the basics of Walking on Leash, Sit, Down, Off, Place, Come and Stay.

Basic Family Dog Manners  - $115

  • Prerequisites: None

  • For dogs 5 months of age or older. Graduates of our Puppy Manners can begin prior to 5 months. Dogs must be up to date on all vaccinations (titers accepted).

  • 4 sessions meeting once a week for one hour.

  • What we discuss/work on: Theories behind positive training, Attention, Confidence Building, Loose Leash Walking, Sit, Down, Come, Off, Stay, Target Training, Wait, and “Leave It.”

Better Family Dog Manners/Canine Good Citizen  - $195

  • Prerequisites: Basic Family Dog Manners or equivalent per instructor’s approval.

  • For dogs 6 months or older. Dogs must be up to date on all vaccinations (titers accepted).

  • 8 sessions meeting once a week for one hour.

  • This class trains you and your dog for the 10 individual steps that make up the American Kennel Club’s Canine Good Citizen exam which include:

  1. Accepting a friendly stranger

  2. Sitting politely for petting

  3. Appearance and grooming

  4. Out for a walk (walking on a loose lead)

  5. Walking through a crowd

  6. Sit and Down on cue and Staying in place

  7. Coming when called

  8. Reaction to another dog

  9. Reaction to distraction

  10. Supervised separation

  • The test is administered the final day of class. Canine graduates of this class will have the manners to go just about anywhere they are allowed and will also have achieved the first step that many therapy dog organizations require – the CGC certification. Human graduates of this class are proud, responsible dog owners who have excellent control of their canine companions.

Rally  - $135

  • Prerequisites: Basic Family Dog Manners or instructor's approval.

  • For dogs 5 months or older. Dogs must be current on all vaccinations (titers accepted).

  • 5 sessions meeting once a week for one hour.

  • The focus of Rally is loose-leash walking and heeling. However, this is a fun and relaxed way to not only work on building good leash walking skills in your dog, but also strengthening their responses to sit, down, stay, and come when called with distractions. Rally has been described as a really enjoyable combination of agility and competition obedience. As always, positive reinforcement methods will be used in this class.

Making Manners Fun/Tricks Class - $135

  • Prerequisites: Basic Family Dog Manners or equivalent per instructor’s approval.

  • For dogs 5 months or older. Dogs must be current on all vaccinations (titers accepted).

  • 5 sessions meeting once a week for one hour.

  • Come with a trick in mind that you want to teach your dog (not too complicated!) and we’ll work toward learning that by the end of the five weeks. Also, learn other fun stuff such as High Fives, Shakes, “Bang”, Nose Touches, Bows, and Spins. In addition, we will play some training games that are fun for dogs and people alike!

Intro to Nosework - $115

  • Meets 1 hour/week for 4 weeks.

  • Experience the new and growing sport of Nosework! Your dog will tap into their "inner canine" by learning to use their nose as it was intended. In this class, your dog does most of the work, which means a mentally and physically tired dog (which is great after class!). All you need is a flat buckle collar or body harness, six foot leather/nylon leash, and a BUNCH of stinky treats. This class is also a wonderful confidence builder for reactive dogs! Open to all ages, sizes and types of dogs - all they need is a nose!

Private Lessons

  • $130 for a one hour in-home session / Discount available with training packages.

  • $100 for a one hour session at our facility / Discount available with training packages.

  • Group classes aren’t always the best option for every dog so we offer one-on-one training for you and your dog available either at your home or at our facility. Whether you only want one lesson or several, let us help you come up with a schedule that works for you and your dog.

Behavior Consulting

  • Kat will work with you and your dog to find solutions to behavioral issues such as chewing, barking, digging, jumping, housetraining, shyness, and dog/dog or dog/person aggression or reactivity. Kat has a great deal of experience with dog behavioral issues and specializes in dog aggression and (over) reactivity. Every dog is different as is each dog's environment. All of these factors are taken into account. We will first discuss your situation with you via phone or email, then send you a behavioral background questionnaire for you to return to us. We will then schedule an appointment and discuss your case in person. The unwanted behaviors are discussed in a one-on-one session with you and your dog. We will then create a custom behavioral protocol/plan for you based on time tested techniques and solutions and institute these with you and your dog at follow up sessions.

  • Single Behavioral Session (not recommended) $145 in home / $115 at our facility

  • Behavioral Package (recommended for best results) Includes initial one hour session + 3 follow up one hour sessions

  • In Home - $520 ($60 discount over individual price – over 10%)

  • At Our Facility $410 ($50 discount over individual price – over 10%)